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We are wedding photographers based in the Riviera Maya

Photography has always been part of our love story. Sixteen years ago Gionata accompanied his brother as the second cameraman to a wedding, and from that moment forward he discovered a different world.
Similarly, I, Gisel, was always captivated by photography and I found myself travelling and photographing the world. The world brought both Gionata and I to the Riviera Maya, and we decided to make Playa del Carmen our home.
From Cancun to Tulum, and every beach in between, the Riviera Maya is our home and where we capture the authentic stories of couples like you. Together we have created an artistic and documentary photography style.

Cossu Photography
How We Met

Gionata and I met about four years ago, when I was on the lookout for a very particular camera. My best friend and neighbor, at the time, knew who was selling just the camera I needed, and like any good friend he made the introduction. Now, if you’ve watched enough rom-coms… you can probably guess the camera owner was Gionata. He’ll tell you he fell in love at first sight, but I will tell you I didn’t give him a moment’s notice.

For me, our story began one morning when Gionata and I both found ourselves at our mutual friend’s house. We were chatting lenses, exposure, cameras, and to keep it light… we also discussed ideal love, how we envisioned our other halves, or… perfect love, if you will. It was in that moment, when I heard him speaking in his charming Italian way, that he won me over.

Later that day I had a photo shoot, and as I drove to the shoot I recorded an audio message intended for my close girlfriend. The message described my perfect morning. It included a detailed explanation of the Italian with the camera and how handsome he was, to just how much I wanted to go on a date with him. Just my luck, the audio message made its way straight to Gionata and not my friend. I had no idea. I didn’t come to realize where the message was delivered, until I was about to start my session. Gionata replied saying I really had no way out. He asked me out to the movies, to dinner, to lunch, and even tea. Needless to say, the rest is history and we now have a beautiful Italian, Argentinian, Mexican family.

Cossu Photography

Weddings in Mexico
We love the ocean, and the sophisticated flora and fauna of the Riviera Maya. Whether it be Cancun, Tulum, or Playa del Carmen, the cities’ metropolitan and destination qualities attract couples from all over. As travel enthusiasts, we love learning about new cultures, and working with couples that broaden our perspective and the visual language of our photography.

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