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Fusion Hindu Wedding at Casitas Royal.
Riviera Maya Wedding Photography

Annette + Deepak

Love story

These love story born at Bay Area, CA when a beautiful Chinese girl from San Francisco meet an a handsome Indian boy from Palo Alto. They use to worked at pharmacy and love started to growing between these to souls. From the beginning they were so private and protective over their relationship, didn’t tell anyone for the longest time. They use to go on trips together and always had to create an alibi to tell their friends and family.

Deepak never ask to Annette to be his girlfriend, one day, natural like the water runs on the river, he start to introducing her as his girlfriend and next thing you know he’s on one knee proposing!!

They been 3 years together before the big question and a lot of their friends and extended families found out about the relationship AFTER their engagement.

These kind of love needs a big celebration, so they get married 4 times!! Hall court marriage in California. They said their vows to each other privately, and finally they travel with the both families and friends to Rivera Maya, Mexico for celebrate their Indian wedding and a Chinese tea ceremony! Both families comes from everywhere! Venezuela, Canada, USA, China and India ..a dreamed cosmopolitan destination wedding!!

Wedding weekend

We find Annette on her Mehndi party at her room in CASITAS ROYAL surrounded of her bests friends and our friends from Loto Mehndi. Every thing goes relaxing, we had time to meet all the girls and take beautiful photographs of the henna time. Suddenly Deepak and his friends jumped in from the door, which overlooked the pool, like an explosion of high energy of happiness!! We could see that they were really enjoying their vacation at the Caribbean! These group had already the party started!!

From that moment, we knew that we would have a great time with this bridal party!!! They know how to having fun!!

Was 3 amazing wedding days!!! From the Mehndi, Phiti, Barat, the Indian wedding ceremony and the beautiful Chinese tea ceremony everything was so beautiful!! We are so glad for been part of these celebration of love!!

Annette & Deepak: We wish you an eternal joyful love!!
You rock guys!!!