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South Asian Wedding Photography Cancun.

Anuksha + Sammer

Muslim and American Wedding at Royalton Riviera Maya Mexico

Their story begins in 2011, where they met during their freshman year of college. Sameer attended NJIT and Anuksha attended Rutgers, both in Newark, New Jersey, and directly across from each other. They met through mutual friends in college and became nothing more than just acquaintances. Their sophomore year of college, they coincidentally lived in the same building and right down the hall from one another. It wasn’t really until their junior year of college where they started to see more of each other. They did happen to randomly run into each other from time to time whether it was out with friends and then again on New Years in NYC – could this have been a sign?

Finally, in the summer of 2015, things started to turn around. Anuksha had just come off a cruise with her family and got into her hotel in Florida. She suddenly received a text from Sameer out of nowhere and he was trying to make conversation.... Sameer took her on her first real date to Grand Lux, they celebrated their first Halloween together as Jasmine and Aladdin and finally on December 24th, 2015 Sameer asked Anuksha to be his girlfriend in the most romantic way!

On August 9, 2020, Sameer asked Anuksha to marry him in the same place he asked her to be his girlfriend! She was truly shocked and didn’t see it coming so soon because he did such a good job of hiding the ring in their apartment, and she couldn’t have been happier.

We meet to Anuksha & Sameer firts time, planning their destination wedding here in Mexico. We made a romantic engagement photo session in Puerto Morelos and one year after we finally live the dreamed wedding weekend at The Royalton Riviera Cancun! We was so happy to see this beautiful couple, it was a long way planning this big gorgeous wedding. after see to Anuksha and her two sisters coordinating all the events... We are sure that this three beautiful sisters could fix the world!

The wedding adventure had 4 events in three days
First night was the Henna party, was at inside the restaurant cause was a little bit of rain. Everybody enjoyed the henna time with our friends of loto mehendi, dancing and singing! The morning after was the Pithi, it was a magical morning after 4 days of rain, the sun was shining the sea was calm, clear and a thousands of butterflies flew around us.. it was magical morning!! The Barat was at the sunset and the groom looked like the royalty and the bride looked like a real queen! We really enjoyed doing the couple session. We couldn't stop photographing them!! At night sangeet dancing was on the beach under the stars...dreamed! Couldn't have been better! The last day was the Ceremony at the gazebo of Royalton Riviera Cancun.. an elegant ceremony with the bride dressed a wonderful white dress and the groom a perfect white suit! The cocktail night was epic!!

We are so glad to have been part of this wonderful wedding!!

Thanks Anuksha & Sameer!!
We wish you a long beautiful life together and infinite love!