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Chara + Manoj

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can change the course of your life forever.

Chara and Menoj met only two years ago at a jazz festival. Manoj was jogging past and stopped to admire the music. The lovely Chara asked this cute stranger to protect her seat as she went for a refill. Upon her return he was sitting much closer to her seat and they immediately began talking and joking with one another, learning that they had a lot in common.

Since then they have learned that they share many joys in life from tea making, eating, cooking, traveling, and exploring to pandas, unicorns, monkies, and onesies!

Their love and joy towards life and one another was felt throughout their entire wedding ceremony at Amansala Chico and reception at MIA Tulum.

This wonderfully warm pair, brought together by pure chance, has proven that an open heart can really lead you to where you're meant to go!

We send them our deepest wishes for a future of happiness together. And of course thanks to the amazing team that helped us out together our beautiful production!

A Special thanks to the amazing Xanath Banuelos Wedding Planning for trusting in our art.