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Jeenal + Neil

Thrilled to finally publish this 3-day Indian Destination Wedding at Royalton Riviera Cancun Mexico for two travel lovers from California and London.

The day started early with the girls exchanging gifts and a scrapbook while Neil and guests cheerfully followed the Dhol player to the beach ceremony spot.

After the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, friends and family celebrated until late hours at one of the hotel’s modern ballrooms.

The night was full of dances, laughs and a surprise speech by Jeenal’s 8-year-old niece. Here’s what Jeenal shared with us about her entire wedding experience: We wanted somewhere that both sides could fly to and “meet in the middle”, that’s why we had a destination wedding

We love to travel and wanted to include that into the wedding theme.What’s your advice to others planning their destination wedding? Don’t sweat the details, the venue and background are beautiful, nobody cares what color the flowers they are!

A Special thanks to the amazing Xanath Banuelos Wedding Planning for trusting in our art.