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Indian Destination Wedding Photography Moon Palace Resort, Cancun

Nikita + Shashi

Shashi tells the story of how he met the love of his life, "Nikyta and I first interacted through my writing in 2011. I created a space online where I would share poetry, essays, and critiques that I enjoyed writing. Nikyta stumbled upon this website while doing research for a manuscript, as she was completing her college education in New Jersey. It just so happened that she liked my writing as much as I did. She complimented my writing style and asked a few questions by leaving a comment on my favorite post, and before I knew it we were e-mailing back and forth.

We both loved the power of words, and this allowed us find many common passions, including music and art. When I finally met her in person almost half a year later, April 17 2012, I fell in love with her instantly. She was even more beautiful than I imagined, and as I got to know her better, I realized she was the person I wanted to spend my life with. I may have attracted her with my writing, but she made me fall in love with her personality.

Nikyta and Shashi brought their loved ones together at Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico for their South Asian destination wedding. Their celebration took place over several days and the Riviera Maya photographers were in awe at all the lively colors and outfits the couple chose. Nikita and Shashi wore something different for each event, and they gave the wedding photographers the time for couple portraits in each stunning garb. Their destination wedding photography highlights some of the moments that will become memories forever and ever.