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Annette + David

Annette and David’s love story begins at their local swimming pool! They are people who love to put their hand in to help out the community. One day when they were helping with improvements at their local swimming pool, David was painting a door and Annette was pulling weeds. Little did they know that was the day they would meet the love of their lives.

After they finished the job, both of their lives changed forever. They dated for a few years and got engaged after living together in their first home. Obviously, they enjoy the outdoors, and continue spending time outside together. They also share a love for fitness, and have decided to begin training for their first half ironman this summer! They chose to have their destination wedding in the Riviera Maya, and weren’t afraid to leave the hotel, Now Natura to have an amazing reception at the magical Xcaret Park. We are very content with their destination wedding pictures, and are happy to share them with you.