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Finest Playa Mujeres Destination Wedding Photography Mexico

Ashley + Chris

Ashley and Chris have a lot of history! They met through mutual friends in middle school, grew and remained close all the way through college, and eventually realized that their feelings ran much deeper for one another. They were both infatuated with one another and knew that a relationship that had been so strong, for so long, was something special!

As Ashley celebrated her birthday, Chris prepared a gift that Ashley would never forget! They already had a dog together, and Chris came up with a unique plan to surprise Ashley. He tied the engagement ring to one of their dog's collars knowing that the first thing Ashley did when she arrived after a long day, was to greet the pups. When she saw the ring, she was definitely surprised, and said yes in no time. She was definitely ready to share her life with Chris and the sweet pups.

With a story like theirs, they wanted to make sure the wedding day was just as special as their history. So, they chose Finest Playa Mujeres as their venue, and Cossu Photography as their Mexico wedding photographer to capture their memories. We hope the destination wedding pictures portray their fairytale romance and continue to fill them with joy each and every day.