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Dreams Tulum, Riviera Maya Wedding Photography

Daphne + Timothy

Our paths should have crossed long ago. We both started working at Passport, in different parts of the country, in 2007. We both were involved in the union.

There were multiple union and training events that we were supposed to both attend; which eventually fell through for one of us. We think we should have met earlier; but are thankful that we met when we did.

During a three week training course, while in Vancouver, we finally connected. After a quick joke (where Tim took a jab at Daphne, only to have Daphne provide an expletive laden response), we got to know each other through messaging.

Within a week, we were spending every moment together. We fell in love in that last week together. Neither of us were looking for love, but we both found love in the most improbable place. Timothy is a father of three boys living in Regina SK. While Daphne is a mother of a sheltie living in Vancouver BC.

We both decided to go into the dreaded “Long-Distance Relationship,” and neither of us looked back. After 6 months, Daphne moved to Regina to be with Tim and his kids.

Tim explains how he purposed: I’ll never forget the first things Daphne said to me while I was proposing: “You’re doing it wrong”, “This is so cliché.” The first was just because she didn’t know what was happening. The photographer told us to stand together, and as I was beginning to kneel, she thought I wasn’t following his instruction.

The second requires a bit of back story.
I don’t like just doing “what’s expected.” When people would ask Daphne or I, after a holiday, anniversary, or vacation, if I’d popped the question, I would say to Daphne, “Is that all they think of me?”

I would tell her, “I’m not going to do it on Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, or while we’re on a vacation in Mexico, that’s too obvious and boring. I’m going to do it when I feel like it’s right.”

Thankfully, this completely threw her off the trail. As we were preparing our vacation to Europe, Daphne had friends tell her to be prepared for me to propose while in Europe. Daphne would tell them, “No, it’s not going to happen while we’re in Europe. It’s too cliché. Tim wouldn’t do it when we’re there, he’ll do it on a normal night when no one is expecting it.”

I had other plans. I knew I was going to do it while we were in Europe. When Daphne said she wanted to book a photographer during our stay in Paris, I knew this was the perfect time. I knew Daphne would love being proposed to in front of the Eiffel Tower. I knew she’d love to be surprised. And I knew she’d love to have a photographer there to capture the moment.

After getting in touch with the photographer to make him aware, we reached the big day. Suffice it to say, Daphne had no idea she was going to be proposed to during this trip; especially not while in the City of Love, in view of the Eiffel Tower. When the photographer said, “stand together,” I knew my opportunity. I moved down to one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked Daphne to marry me.

Her teary-eyed response? “But this is so cliché!”
Obviously, Tim and Daphne’s wedding couldn’t be cliché. So, they choose to have a destination wedding at Dreams Tulum, and to hire a Cancun wedding photographer to capture it all.