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Romantic Dreams Riviera Cancun Destination Wedding Photography

Devan + Andrew

Devan explains how she met Andrew, "We met in college at RPI in Troy, NY. It was Devan's 20th birthday (yes, she was wearing a birthday tiara), and she went to a party with her roommates. Andy was there with some of Devan's mutual friends. They were introduced to each other at the party, but Andy left with Devan's roommates phone number. Devan thought Andy was cute, and her roommate had a boyfriend. So, she went home and sent Andy a facebook message with her number. The next night, Andy called her and they met up at the bar”. And that was the beginning of their story.

Andy is a Field Service Engineer for a semiconductor company.He installs and fixes very expensive equipment that makes microchips for phones and such. Devan is a Field Marketing Manager for a Total Ankle Replacement. She travels around the country training Drs on the product and attends cases to give feedback.

Devan and Andy are both very competitive. Everything they do revolves around some types of competition with each other. They are both avid football fans. Andy is a big fan of Ohio State college football, and the 49ers. While Devan roots for the Chicago Bears. They are also very active, visit the gym frequently, and love to run.

Devan and Andrew wanted their wedding celebration to last more than one day, so they agreed to have a romantic Dreams Riviera Cancun destination wedding in sunny Mexico. They are both very close with their families and wanted to give them the opportunity to make vacation memories as well as witness the coming together of Devan and Andrew.

The destination wedding photographers were energized by the love and emotions from all the guests, and were surprised to see that the couple had included things throughout the day to make the guests have a special time as well. From the candied apples to the led lights and sunglasses, there was something for everyone to enjoy!