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Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Destination Wedding Photography Mexico

Jeff + Ryne

Back in June of 2014, Ryne and Jeff met through a mutual friend. Jeff was still in his residency so the first several months of their relationship was done via text, phone calls and FaceTime. Although it was a difficult way to start a relationship, Jeff and Ryne both couldn’t agree more when they say it was well worth it!

Jeff and Ryne eventually bought a house, became parents to his new best friend Archie (the smartest, handsomest, funniest, and overall best dog), and got engaged. The proposal happened in one of Jeff's favorite places, Lafayette Square Park. Ryne got down on one knee and surprised Jeff with a ring in the middle of a beautiful garden. This place means a lot to them as it is where they spend time, almost every day with Mr. Archie . They then returned home to a surprise engagement party that Ryne had orchestrated without Jeff knowing.

Jeff was so in love and also wanted the chance to propose. Some time after Ryne’s proposal, Jeff decided to go for it. He presented Ryne an engagement ring that had a very special meaning in his very own proposal.

Jeff and Ryne were so excited to get married, they couldn’t wait until the pandemic passed. So, they got married at Lafayette Square park in November 2020. But they planned a destination wedding in Mexico, so they could celebrate with everyone the following year. They are blessed to have an amazing set of friends and family surrounding them. They decided there was no better way to celebrate their love than to do it on the beach! And of course, with so much anticipation for their day, they wanted every moment to be captured and to have the best destination wedding pictures possible.

They were so excited to find Cossu Photography as their destination wedding photographer in Mexico, and explained that they chose Jonathan “because his brand in general is what attracted us to him as a destination wedding photographer! We love his style, clear creativity and most importantly his portfolio diversity. We love that he has shot multiple same sex weddings”.

After two years of getting to know each other, Jonathan and Gisel finally met Jeff and Ryne, and couldn’t have been happier with the couple. They were so kind and loving and all-around great people.

The day was well worth the wait, as everything were perfect! Their emotional ceremony on the Beach Deck at TRS Palladium, next to Isla Blanca beach was gorgeous. And the reception brought out the great personalities of all their family and friends. Their wedding photography pictures are simply beautiful; as is Jeff and Ryne.