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Mexico wedding at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres

Jeff + Ryne

It all started in June 2014, when Ryne was in Chicago visiting friends. Shortly after Ryne 'broke the news', he was promptly summoned by Jeff's high school 'Freshman Crush' and world-renowned Sedgwick waitress Kylie Stack, who said Ryne 'had to meet his friend Jeff '. Fast-forward a few days, and Ryne became friends with Jeff on Facebook. Jeff and Ryne exchanged the most "sibling"/embarrassing Facebook messages ever, and their relationship began.

Although Jeff and Ryne were simultaneously in Mizzou and had several friends in common, they had never met. Jeff was still at his residence when they started talking, so the first few months consisted of a lot of texts, calls, FaceTime, and a couple of long-weekend dates. Once Jeff graduated and passed the boards, they decided they liked the way things were going, so Jeff took a job in St. Louis and moved to Clayton. Ryne was happy with the importation of him.

Jeff and Ryne eventually bought a house, became parents to his new best friend Archie (the smartest, handsomest, funniest, and overall best dog), and got engaged. The proposal happened in one of his favorite places, Lafayette Square Park. Ryne got down on one knee and surprised Jeff with a ring in the middle of a beautiful park garden. This place means a lot to them as it is where they spend time, almost every day, with each other, Mr. Archie and his family and friends. They then returned home to a surprise engagement party that Ryne had orchestrated without Jeff knowing.

Two astonishingly handsome men getting married is new to almost everyone... so there's no "right way" to do things. So, in Brooklyn, on the way to Europe, Jeff decided to do a follow-up proposal, as he wanted to give Ryne an engagement ring that had a very special meaning.

During the pandemic, Ryne and Jeff got married at their Lafayette Square park and home in November 2020, and they can't wait to celebrate with EVERYONE in Mexico in December 2021!

The long-awaited day for Ryne & Jeff has arrived! We arrived at the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres an hour before, as usual, to start with time and calm. We having been in contact with this couple from St. Luis, Missouri, for almost 2 years, when we met these handsome and elegant couples we were delighted!

Each one getting ready, in separate rooms, surrounded by their family and friends, a wonderful human group that vibrated in a spectacular harmony of pure love. From that moment we knew that we were very lucky to be at this wedding! We felt the wonderful energy of love!

Everything were perfect in this dreamed wedding, in the Riviera Maya. with a splendid ceremony on the Beach Deck at TRS Palladium, next to Isla Blanca beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. And ending in a hilarious party with a dance floor under the stars! Simply beautiful.

Thank you very, very much for letting us document your immense and wonderful love.