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Destination Wedding at Dreams Tulum


Jessica explains how she met the man of her dreams, "Mike came up to me while I was having dinner at my birthday celebration, and asked if he could buy me a drink. I said no. Instead of leaving, he pulled up a chair, ordered a meal, had dinner with me and my friends. At the end of the meal, he surprised us all when he paid the bill for the entire table! He then he asked me again, if he could buy me a drink. We exchanged numbers that night, but we didn't speak to each other for a whole year! A year later I texted and we went for a drink. And what do you know? Three months later we were officially dating”.

Six years later, Jessica and Michael were on their way to London to attend a friend’s wedding. Mike offered to take Jessica anywhere she wanted to go while they were on their trip. Jessica chose Scotland. Michael didn’t bat an eye, when she made her request. He immediately planned their escape and reserved a suite with a breathtaking view of Edinburgh Castle. He took her to a romantic dinner at The Witchery, and that night after dessert, her proposed.

Just as Jessica and Michael met, with an unexpected encounter, that’s how they met their Cancun wedding photographers. Jonathan and Gisel where capturing a destination wedding in Mexico at Dreams Tulum, and they were in the middle of a portrait session with the bride in the lobby, when they bumped into Jessica and Michael. The couple watched them working and new that they had to be some of the best wedding photographers in Cancun. So they didn’t hesitate to approach them for their information, so Cossu Photography could be a part of their destination wedding as well.

This fun-loving couple, with a fantastic sense of humor, celebrated their wedding ceremony on the terrace overlooking the ocean, and the reception was in the magical gardens of Dreams Tulum.

The decoration was boho style and the wedding photographers fell in love at first sight, as they did with the couple. It was a pleasure working the fantastic team of Mango Weddings and Cherry Blossom. Being a part of their Tulum destination wedding was a true pleasure!