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Modern Boho Hard Rock Riviera Maya Wedding Photography

Joseline + Ricardo

Love story I am your fan! Joss told us how they met:
We met at the gym, Ricardo tried different ways of talking to me for a while but it didn’t work.
One day he came to the gym and said:
“Girl, did you know that I’m really your fan?”

At that moment he made me laugh, it was very funny, a bit cheesy but over time I became a fan of him. We were together for a while but we ended up distancing ourselves, our love was so big, that we needed to prepare a little more, so we spent a long time without talking. 4 years later, we met again, it was clear that this time was forever!Our souls were ready to go on the road together. One of our purposes together is to know the world, the people, the places, so we travel whenever we can. One day, during our trip to Europe, we arrived in London, which is one of our favorite cities … Ricardo asked me the big question:

Will you marry me?
Of course my answer was YES, I do!

And that’s how our great adventure began!

Wedding day

We met the beautiful couple from Curitiva, Brazil a few days before the wedding, we had the opportunity to share with them some wonderful days at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya resort.

We had a wonderful few days. The wedding was beautiful, surrounded by his close friends and family, the ceremony was super emotional. The decoration they chose was a boho chic style with colors harmoniously suited to the fall in the Mexican Caribbean.

The weather was perfect and we were able to enjoy a spectacular sunset that formed the perfect setting for this wonderful wedding.