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Wedding Photography at Ventus Marina el Cid Puerto Morelos

Karlin + Andrew

When you know, you know. And Andrew and Karlin knew from day one, that they were soulmates. Andrew and Karlin met on their first day at the University of Wyoming, in Laramie back in August of 2015.

Their first official date was a sunrise hike up Medicine Bow Peak, about a month after they first met. They have been together, dancing and adventuring, ever since. Andrew and Karlin are both avid skiers she shared that he taught her everything she knows.

They had been dreaming about going skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming forever. They finally were able to make the trip. Their first morning on the mountain the conditions were perfect. Andrew told Karlin he wanted to stop and take a picture, so she stopped and started taking off her gloves. Not paying him the slightest bit of attention, until he skied down right below her on the slope, pulled out a ring and said, “Marry me, Karlin!” She wasn´t even looking in his direction and was caught completely off guard.

She turned towards him and said, “What!?” He said, “Marry me, Karlin!” again, to which she replied, “Okay!” It was the perfect moment, they laughed, and she cried, and they have not looked back since.

For their destination wedding, they planned something different and headed for the beach in the Riviera Maya. Their ceremony was on the dock over the ocean under a gorgeous blue sky with bubbly white clouds. They played together as the wedding photographers captured Andrew's jumps of joy to be Karlin’s husband. Then, they headed to the reception where Karlin and Andrew shocked everyone with the moves during their first dance. They trust each other completely with their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. And were were blessed to have the opportunity to meet such genuine people!