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Negro Amaro Destination Wedding Photography Tulum

Wedding Margaret + Derek

Margaret and Derek fell in love at a concert, and after 8 years together, they were excited to have their beach destination wedding in a tropical setting. After searching the Internet and investigating so many different options. They had their heart set on St. Thomas and St. Croix.

Little did they know that 2 major hurricanes would completely wipe out both of their favorite spots. They were disheartened and took some time for reflection, but they didn’t allow that to stop their plans. They were determined to have their destination wedding in a gorgeous place far from home, with the Caribbean atmosphere. So, once again, they started the process of finding the perfect venue for them. They heard of groups on Facebook where destination wedding brides unite to help each other in the wedding planning process. That’s where they connected with Cossu Photography, their Tulum destination wedding photographers. Once we heard about the setback Margaret and Derek were faced with, we did all that we could to help them plan their dream wedding.

In less than 2 months, they were back in full wedding planning mode and thrilled to have found Negro Amaro in Tulum, Mexico. They took a leap of faith and chose the location without visiting it first, and based their decision from what they could see online. Their positive outlook and resilience showed us just how important it was for them to complete their goal and have the gorgeous wedding they had both desired so badly. Destination weddings in Tulum always hold a special place in our hearts because they have the perfect mix of nature and freedom that all-inclusive hotels are missing. Their days was perfect and when they were pronounced husband and wife, the feeling of euphoria could be felt by all in attendance. Overcoming the tribulations of their wedding planning process, the cake tasted sweeter, the music hit harder, and they were so grateful for every moment they spent in Tulum. The couple just knew that things happen for a reason, and this was how their wedding day was to be celebrated!