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Secrets Playa Mujeres Cancun Wedding Photography Mexico.

Nicola + Wesley

Wesley's grandpa met Nicolas at the retirement house where he and she used to work.
As everyone knows, time gives you wisdom. That's why Wesley's grandfather knew instantly that he met Nicola, that she and his grandson must meet !
He managed to introduce them and as expected, his intuition was spot on!
When Wesley met Nicola he was shocked at this beautiful young woman from Sri Lanka.
The match was instant!
After a few years of a lovely relationship, they decided to make the big step and celebrate their love with a beautiful destination wedding by the sea at the Riviera Maya.
They chose Secrets Playa Mujeres Resort as a venue of the event and with the help of Karumi as a wedding planner they made the dream come true.
Both families traveled from Sri Lanka and Canada to celebrate this love and become one big family!
It was a wonderful celebration where the bride told everybody that she's not just a beautiful woman, she also is a wonderful singer and both Wesley and Nicola are great dancers!!

It was an unforgettable night!!

We wish you a happy long life together!! And our advice is you will never stop dancing together!!