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Cenote El Buho Elopement Photography Playa del Carmen


Daniel and Marion first met in a bar, and just awhile later, Daniel invited Marion to his birthday party where she drank all of her strawberry lemon with his best friend. Daniel took it as a positive sign that Marion got along well with his best friend, and shortly after they officially became a couple.

Daniel and Marion had always dreamed of a vacation in Mexico. As they were perusing the internet looking for locations, they stumbled upon Alba, a destination wedding coordinator’s website. They loved that she had experience in weddings in untraditional places, and they decided to contact her to see what she could create for their most special day.

They decided to have a small wedding in a mystical natural cenote, and to invite an intimate crowd of their most precious family and friends. They chose Cenote El Buho for their ceremony, and all of the guests were awestruck with its beauty. Of course, it was important for them to have a local photographer with experience in their venue, so they looked through Cancun photography, and found a destination wedding photographer that caught their eye! They were happy to speak with a Riviera Maya photographer who had worked at Cenote el Buho several times.

Marion and Daniel dressed to impress in all white, and it was a dream for the wedding photographers because it made them stand out from the natural and rustic color palette of the cenote in the jungle. They opted for a spiritual ceremony performed by a shaman that included burning of copal and an offering to the sacred waters of the cenote.

After the ceremony came to an end, they dipped their toes in the water, made time for wedding portraits and popped a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with their family. The couple then made their exit and toured Playa del Carmen with their wedding photographers for more photos in the town and even made it to the beach before sunset. Their elopement in Mexico was joyful and memorable for all.