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They met at a bar while Daniel was sitting in Marion's seat.
He later invited her to his birthday party where she drank all of her strawberry lemon with his best friend. From this day they are a couple.
A few years later, when they talked about summer vacations and tried to find an alternative becouse Norway would have been cancelled.

They have always dreamed of a vacation in Mexico. While discussing the new plans they saw Alba's website, who is an expert wedding planner and really knows how to make couples' dreams come true here in the Riviera Maya... from that moment they knew that the best place to celebrate their wedding magical was Mexico.

So they decide to celebrate their love in the Riviera Maya, in a mystical cenote with an ancient ceremony!
In November 2021, the dream of this amazing couple from Norway came true! Surrounded by family traveling to Mexico to celebrate the love of Marion and Daniel. The celebration was a perfectly magical ceremony!

It was a pleasure to be there and photograph the unforgettable moments of this dream wedding!
Congratulations guys!
And many, many thanks to Alba for letting us meet this beautiful couple and believe in our art.