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David + Christian

David and Christian D. Start they relation online, the first date was a casual meeting, just a coffee at “Juan Valdez” typical coffee store in Colombia, on February 22, 2020.

From the first date, they could feel the connection because just one coffee turns in hours of good conversations without uncomfortable silence.

As everybody knows, when you find the right person, the hours turn into minutes and you must agree another meeting as soon as possible !! Christian David lived in Miami and David in Medellin, they both agreed on their desire to share more time together but sooner, the plans of all the world would change ..

2020 taught us all to relate in a different way, this love story developed online, from the inside. International dating! One in Miami an the other in Medellin. The social fisical distance of the 2020 can’t stop this love! Dating, lunches, dinners, cocktails everything on line … love grew and grew between these 2 souls. The conversations went on for hours and hours.

They lived for almost a year in a virtual relationship, so the distances made their relationship develop deep and spiritual foundations. After a long wait, on October 15 of 2020, David traveled to Miami and they felt they were personally rediscovering themselves … The magic of knowing each other from the inside to the outside !!

Love involved everything so in February 2021 David proposed to Christian.

Wedding day

It was a fantastic evening here in Riviera Maya. We arrive to Blue venado in Paamul, wich is situated on the route Cancun to Tulum, one hour early because we love make details with calm, we fall in love with the decoration !! Beautiful fresh Girasoles on one of our favorite place by the sea. The tables decorated with typical Mexican “CALAVERITAS” and a stunning couple of “CALACAS”! It was simple and perfect details!

Christan D.& David arrived happy and a little bit nervous .. We was absolutely happy to meet this Elegant and good looking couple !! We start the photographs of the getting ready and a few minutes later and one shot of tequila and they were relaxed and ready to drive their horses to get in at the ceremony! The wedding was an intimate beautiful party by the sea of the our loved Mexican Caribbean Sea