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Ebony + André

Love Story
We are Ebony and André and would actually always describe ourselves as an average couple, because of our civil service jobs and our normal hobbies.

We met before the pandemic on Tinder and shortly after some first dates, about a month later we were able to make a big trip together through Thailand.

We noticed right away that we have a lot of common interests like culture, concerts, comedy, etc. We really got to know and love each other during the pandemic. We moved in together and spent a lot of time together.

The idea to get married came when we were on vacation in Turkey and fantasized about getting married. Many friends had problems with their weddings, so we decided to get married secretly in Mexico according to our wishes. Accordingly, there was no question in the real sense but only a common desire.

The biggest obstacle was probably to keep everything secret from friends and the fear of making parents a little sad because they could not be there. There were some jokes about a potential wedding in Mexico after some colleagues saw pictures from our vacation in Turkey and André lost some kilos with a diet before the wedding. But we cleverly dismissed that. Closer friends of Ebony at least suspect that there will be a marriage proposal in Mexico.

Choosing the dress was, contrary to expectations, not a problem because it was really only about Ebony’s idea and no other opinions played a role.

Thanks to our wedding planner Alba and the cossuphotography and videographer, we had a beautiful wedding and a very nice vacation in Mexico.

As a Christmas present this year we got a daughter and son in law for our parents.

The planning, thanks to Alba the planner, was like a (quote):multiple choice test where all the possible answers were correct. Thank you for letting as be part of your special day Jonathan and Gisel