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Hayden + Bryant

Love story We want to share this love story directly from the words of one of its protagonists, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do when reading it. Hayden and I met on Tinder just after Christmas 2018.

He was home from college for the holidays and had to leave town before we could meet. We started texting occasionally and finally went on our first date in March 2019. We met at a coffee shop and talked for a while before taking a tour of the city and talking about our shared passion for small houses with cozy porches. Hayden had to drive to St. Louis to go back to school the next morning, but I convinced him to have him meet me for breakfast when he left town. She couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing him before he left town again. We ate at a restaurant that he had found just off the highway (he agreed to meet me on the condition that he could find a restaurant that was on his route out of town) and then, I kissed him next to his car. It was then that I knew I wanted to marry him.

During the following months we only saw each other during school holidays and on weekends, but we talked almost every day. After Hayden graduated, he moved in with me in January 2020, just before the coronavirus shutdown. I like to joke that being stuck in my little apartment with me could only have led to Hayden marrying me or murdering me. I am glad that he has gone in this direction.

2020 was a crucial time for our relationship. In that little apartment, we found a rhythm and a rhythm for our relationship. We spent most nights creating crazy recipes in the kitchen and stayed up late because we didn’t know how long it would take to cook. In 2021, we moved to a bigger apartment and started thinking about buying a house. All this ideation about houses led Bryant to propose to me on July 3, 2021 in Memphis TN. It was so magical. We were walking through this beautiful art museum with lush gardens. He knelt down and stood up and suddenly Peter Frampton’s “baby I love your way” started playing. He pulled out the ring and I gasped.

It was an incredible weekend. A few months later, we added a new member to our little family We adopted a dog from our local animal shelter.

His name is Booregard Turbot Jackson and he has become the center of our universe, along with cats of course. Our family grew and we bought a house a few weeks later. Things always go so fast with Bryant that it’s not until you look back that you really see how much has happened.

When I think about it now, we got engaged in early July, made an offer on a house in early August, and then bought a dog in early September. It is logical that we eloped at the beginning of October. Bryant told me that he would fix everything as long as I chose his clothes. It was fantastic, So magical.

It was incredibly romantic, arriving at the airport so early just the two of us and flying to Mexico. He felt so faithful to both of them.

I’m quite a private person and I think Bryant complements that aspect of my personality by wanting things to be more intimate between us. The escape was the epitome of our relationship: intimate, but deeply spectacular. It is so wonderful. I love it a lot. We love your story !!!

We are witnesses of this deep and luminous love! We feel very fortunate to have been part of your beautiful wedding in Punta Venado, in the Rivera Maya together with the Pridemayaweddings team!

Thank you very much for trusting in our art!
We wish you infinite love!