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Jade + Rusty

From the Xcaret hotel, we traveled along the road until we reached the entrance of a path that would take us into the deep jungle.

After about 20 minutes of road, we found the entrance to one of the most beautiful cenote of the Mayan Riviera. This wonderful cenote hidden in the heart of the jungle near Tulum, was the place where Jade and Jade decided to promise eternal love and start a new life. After six years of relationship, they know that the life is a beautiful travel and for sure that is better together, so on march of 2021 Nick and Jade decide to engage make the big step!!

They elopeming from USA to Mexico to make the promese of love in perfect, intimate wedding ceremony, surrounded by crystalline waters, inside an incredible cave, soft music and the sound of the exotic birds of the area.

Only the two of them, in front of the judge our friend Alba and we as witnesses sealed that pact of love, respect and passion.

We wish you all the best!!
Congratulations and infinite love!