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Mayan Riviera Photographer

Kristina & Rick

Kristina and Rick went out on a blind date, and immediately felt a strong connection. They agree that God was who brought them together. The consider themselves best friends, soulmates, and know that they are destined to be partners for life. Kristina and Rick first met their wedding photographers when they made an engagement session in Playa del Carmen. The sweet couple toured the city streets as well as the beach, and just couldn’t keep their eyes or hands off one another. The way Kristina and Rick interact emulates love in the highest degree. Rick even brought a special gift for Kristina to open during their engagement session.

So, when they decided to elope in Mexico for their wedding ceremony, they called the same wedding photographers back into action to continue capturing their milestones.

They eloped on the beach in an intimate setting with flower arches and crosses to represent their dedication to their shared beliefs. They shared emotional vows and toasted to themselves and their new chapter together.

Then, like children, they ran, laughed and played on the beach. Their eyes permanently shined with happiness and the smiles never left their faces. Their elopement in the Riviera Maya was special and unique, and the Riviera Maya wedding photographers were just as much in love with the experience they shared with this couple.