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Mike + Deb

Sometimes destiny needs a little help! This is what Staecey Schumer, a mutual friend of Deb and Mike, did. Connect two souls that were destined to meet!

Mike told us the history: Deb and Staecy were hanging out one night and she suddenly said: I know a guy you should meet !  She preceded to tell Deb all about how wonderful I am ……smart ..funny …..incredibly good looking ….etc .   Deb thought about it and then said. NO. Not interested.  But Stacey kept at it and finally got her to say “ maybe.”  

Then Stacey called me and said: I know a girl you should meet !!! She preceded to tell me all about Deb ….how smart and funny and cute she is etc…. I thought about it and then said NO. Not interested. But again she kept at it until I finally said , oh shit , ok ok ok!!! So she gave me her info and I texted her on Facebook messenger and introduced myself and such. We texted back and forth for hours . Getting to know each other.

We arranged a first date and I choose to go four wheeling in the hills. Because I’m really smart I only brought 1 four wheeler so we had to ride double . And the rest as they say is history…

They had many things in common but the strongest connection was the love for Mexico and the magic of the Mayan Riviera. From their first talk, almost like a magic spell, they spoke of their love for the magic of Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum. Both had visited these lands on many occasions. So from the first time, this destination wedding had the perfect location.

Five years later, we find ourselves in a splendid morning, with the family and friends of this lovely couple, surrounded by the unmistakable magic emitted by the vegetation and the crystalline waters of the Buho cenote, which is located on the road between Playa del Carmen and Akumal. The perfum of flowers from the bouquet of Deb, the Elegant hut of Mike, the perfect weather the energy of the ceremony.. everything. I can’t imagine a more perfect place to celebrate Deb and Mike’s wedding.Congratulations friends!