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Elopement Wedding Photography Cenote El Buho Tulum, Riviera Maya

Mike + Deb

Mike and Deb were introduced by a mutual friend. Deb and their friend, Stacey were hanging out one night, when an instant message came to her mind and slipped out of her mouth instantly. "I know a guy you should meet!”, exclaimed Stacey. She then, preceded to tell Deb all about how wonderful Mike was. She mentioned adjectives like, smart, funny, and incredibly good looking. Deb thought about it for a quick moment, and replied with a solid, "NO. Not interested”. But Stacey wouldn’t drop it that easy, and finally got her to say “maybe.”

Stacey took matters into her own hands, but calling Mike, to say the same thing. She described Deb as funny, smart, and cute. It was pretty interesting because Mike replied by using the same words as Deb. However, Stacey was on a mission, so she kept at it until Mike agreed as well. Stacey passed Deb’s information on to Mike and he eventually reached out via Facebook messenger. They ended up texting back and forth for hours.

They arranged a first date and Mike choose to go four-wheeling in the hills. Using the intelligence that Stacey described earlier, Mike only brought 1 four wheeler so they had to ride double. His plan worked perfectly because they had a blast, and from then on created a relationship together.

They had many things in common, but the strongest connection was their love for Mexico, and the magic of the Mayan Riviera. From their first conversation, they spoke of their love for Playa del Carmen, Akumal, and Tulum. Both had visited these lands on many occasions. It was obvious that in the future they would travel back to the places in the Riviera Maya, they both loved so much.

There was no question where they would share their vows and commit to one another when the time came. They weren’t the type of people to plan a lavish wedding in an all-inclusive hotel. They wanted something simple but majestical. They decided on an elopement in Mexico. Their friends and their Riviera Maya wedding photographer were all that was needed to make it the celebration they both desired.

Five years later, they found themselves standing in the jungle alongside El Buho Cenote. A special location that is placed between their favorite spots, Playa del Carmen and Akumal. The flower’s perfume from Deb’s bouquet, the rays of sunlight shining through the jungle plants, and the sound of the exotic birds was the backdrop for their elopement in Mexico.