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Destination Wedding Elopement Photography Alma Tulum, Mexico

Sorangel + Kevin

Sorangel and Kevin have known one-another since they were in high school. After graduation, they went on their separate journeys. They crossed paths years later, but Kevin was in a realtionship. Then, six years later, destiny brought them together once again. Both of them couldn’t help but notice that there was a reason they kept popping up in one another’s lives. That meeting brought them both to the realization that they never wanted to be without each other again. They weren’t going to ignore the signs any longer. They officially became exclusive that week. And the following week, they went to Vegas to get married! Within a month of seeing each other again, they were married.

They are spontaneous, and love the outdoors, the mountains, the ocean, and are very spiritual souls. They wanted to commemorate their day in a more natural setting, so they traveled to Tulum, Mexico. They chose Alma Tulum for their destination wedding elopement and it was indeed, the most perfect spot for them. We were blessed to be their Tulum wedding photographers for their occasion.

They had a spiritual Mayan ceremony performed by Shamans and it solidified everything they had felt for each other all those years, without even knowing it. They are a couple that grabbed a special place in the hearts of their Riviera Maya wedding photographers. We are so glad that they decided to have another ceremony, and we hope that their elopement in Mexico we be held dearly in their hearts.