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Wedding Photography at Blue Venado Seaside in Riviera Maya Mexico.

Lisa + Cesar

This lovely couple meet in a modern way.. On line!

We love these kinds of cosmopolitan stories! Where love finds the way to make the union of two souls. Languages, distances or countries do not exist when it comes to love between two souls. Lisa was born in Villach, Austria and Cesar was born in Bogotá, Colombia. And they live in Tampa, Florida.

When they first met, the feeling of finding the right person at the right time was immediate!

So they decide to celebrate this union with a destination wedding here on the Mayan Riviera! Lisa's family travels from Austria and Cesar's family comes from Colombia, in the middle of the road is the paradise Tulum, Mexico. To make this dream come true, they needed the help of an expert wedding planner and they found our beautiful friend Alba, a wedding planner from She designed the beautiful event by the sea at the Blue Venado sea side. This place is beautiful! The private beach, big beautiful palapa and the house where Lisa made her getting ready, everything was fantastic!

We found a lot of photography spots and with these perfect models the photo wedding session was fantastic! At night, the moon on kissing the sea, with the perfect music and the light of the dance floor made our wedding photography style more Mayan Riviera than ever! We enjoy the experience that we live together and we hope you enjoy the memories of this new beginning!!! Congratulations Cesar and Lisa!! We wish you all the best and a happy long life together!!