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Wedding Photography at Blue Venado Seaside in Riviera Maya Mexico

Lisa + Cesar

We love cosmopolitan stories where love finds the way to make the union of two people. Lisa and Cesar met online. Different languages and geographic location never gets in the way when it comes to love between two souls. Lisa was born in Villach, Austria and Cesar was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Regardless of their upbringings, traditions or beliefs, destiny brought them together through technology. When they first met, the feeling of finding the right person at the right time was immediate!

They decide to celebrate their union with a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya! Lisa's family traveled from Austria and Cesar's family made their way from Colombia. They ventured all the way to their destination wedding in Tulum: hundreds of miles from home. To make this dream come true, they needed the help of an expert wedding planner and they found our talented friend Alba, a wedding planner from She designed the breathtaking event by the sea at Blue Venado. The venue is perfect for a private affair and allows space to make the most gorgeous destination wedding photos by Cancun wedding photographers.

As the moon kissed the sea, the perfect music played and the light of the dance floor was pure perfection. The wedding photographers enjoyed the experience that shared with the couple and their families. And were grateful to be a part of their destination wedding experience.