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Wedding at The Beach of Playa de Secreto

Nicole + Jochen

How they met
We met online in 2009 and got together on 4/4/2009. The first 3 years we had a long distance relationship. I (Nicole) worked in Munich, but then moved to Jochen's hometown. In 2018, we bought his parents' house. We love it to live there together.

On 4/4/2019, after 10 years of relationship, we got engaged. We always knew that we didn't want a typical wedding in Germany. We love the sun, the beach and the sea and have already seen many beautiful countries together. With Alba from heirateninmexiko we found the perfect Wedding Planner for our dream wedding.

The Wedding day
The day of the wedding at the beach of Playa de Secreto was perfect!!
It was amazing and absolutely beautiful!!

The memories of the wedding day on 8/8/2022 will remain unforgettable and with the beautiful pictures we have memories for our further future together.