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Royalton Riviera Cancun Wedding Photography

Tara + Davin

Tara and Devin fell in love at the young age of 14, while at a campground with friends. Their story is a fairytale love at first sight. They were always fond of another and having gown up together, and going their separate ways for several years: they found their way back to where both of them belong.

They have created a beautiful and loving family with three sons. And their love is just as strong as their first glance at 14. Watching the two of them look at each other, was an inspiration for love stories all around the world. They selected the Royalton Riviera Cancun for their destination wedding in Cancun. And were were over the roof with excitement when they chose Cossu Photography as their Cancun wedding photographers. We were overjoyed to take part in their special day, and we can see that this love story will last the test of time!