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Ziggy + Kriz

Ziggy + Kriz met at a concert over 5 years ago and after many experiences together and 2 sons, they decided to travel to Mexico for their Romantic Finest Playa Mujeres Destination Wedding in Cancun.

These travel lovers were super excited to celebrate their wedding day in the sandy beaches of Cancun and despite having everything moved indoors due to a crazy rainy day, it didn’t stop them from having the time of their lives!!! Plus, the romance team at Finest Playa Mujeres did a superb job in making the backup spots just as beautiful.

Everything about this day was absolutely beautiful and carefully planned out, from Ziggy’s Sophia Webster wedding shoes (that still have us in Aaawww) to the slow motion video booth during the reception.

Mega congrats my lovebirds and thanks for this incredible advice to all brides-to-be: “Enjoy the process, it can be super stressful planning a wedding through email and long distances. It may be hard to visualize everything because you want it to be perfect.

Then before you know it, the moment is here, the night will be over and it’ll all happen so fast! I personally stressed over the simplest, most little things like debating on whether or not to do charger plates.. and trust me, it really all happens so fast that no one will remember the little things like charger plates

So be sure to enjoy the process and trust that everything will work out the way you envisioned it to!” – Mrs. Eustaquio